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Loki is changing the way the world charters yachts by leveraging best in class technology and a vast network of partners. Loki will connect Yacht Owners, Charterers, and Brokers in ways that never existed, until now. The sun is rising on a new day in yachting, and we’re just getting started.

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Chartering a private yacht has never been so easy.


Your next dream vacation starts with Loki.

Until now, chartering a private yacht has been a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, but Loki is making the world of chartered yacht vacations accessible to more people by providing the superior service you expect at affordable rates you won’t. Loki allows you to reserve and book your adventure directly through our site, and we protect all transactions with secure in-house escrow accounts.

The Ship

The vessel of your dreams

Loki Yachts

One size doesnt fit all.

When searching for a yacht to charter, Loki provides an unprecedented adherence to excellence with our boats. Every yacht that we list has not only passed our strict quality control guidelines, but they’ve done so with flying colors. If the boat is flying the Loki banner, you know it’s Loki approved. From catamarans to mega yachts, we’ll find the perfect boat for your dream vacation, and put it at your fingertips.

The Crew

Loki loves the crew.

Loki Crews

Star rated vetted crews

Because anyone that has ever sailed on a chartered yacht knows, the crew can make or break a voyage. Loki will ensure that a boat owner’s crew provides only top notch service on every charter by allowing guests to rate the crews after a trip, creating the transparency that owners need to maintain excellent quality control and unparalleled customer service on every trip. The Crew will also be a focal point on every boats profile page, because they’re just as much of a part of the trip as the boat is.


It's a win-win.

Loki Yacht Owners

Loki Solutions

One of the primary reasons that Loki exists is to help boat owners generate and retain more revenue when chartering their yachts. Loki charges an average of 15% less than traditional brokers, and also provides valuable services like vetting third party vendors, increasing accountability and eliminating unauthorized transactions. Loki brings transparency and accountability to the industry that keeps more of the owner’s money where it belongs: in their pocket.

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